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  • Pet Insurance

    Pet Insurance is an affordable way to protect your pet and yourself.

    Some insurance policies offer a variety of benefits to you and your pet:

    • Vet Fees for Illness and Injury
    • Boarding kennel or cattery fees if you are in hospital
    • Holiday Cancellation if your pet is hospitalised or goes missing
    • Advertising and Rewards if you pet goes missing
    • Third party liability and legal costs if your pet damages property or injures another person
    • Death of your pet from illness or accident
    • Theft or Straying of your pet

    Vet Fees for Illness and Injury

    With pet health insurance, you’ll be able to provide your dog, cat or horse the best medical care possible.

    One in two pets will experience a major illness or injury during its lifetime. These incidents can be emotionally and financially draining. That’s why pet insurance makes sense.

    Accidents and illnesses happen; it’s just a fact of life. But with pet insurance, these unexpected veterinary emergencies or even ongoing medical treatments, which can quickly add up and become a financial burden, are taken care of so that you will never have to put a price on your pet’s life.

    There are many health concerns in every stage of your pet’s life; from unexpected accidents early on as a puppy or kitten, to hereditary conditions, to age-related issues for senior dogs and cats who are now living longer than ever.

    With the advancements in veterinary medicine, veterinarians are now able to offer treatments for conditions that were once considered fatal for most pets. But with these medical advancements come increased veterinary costs. These increased costs can put a burden usually exceeding the family’s budget, causing most families to make the heart breaking decision of putting a family pet down.

    Make sure you’ll always be able to give your pet the best care possible by having pet insurance and  you can concentrate on your pet’s recovery… without having to worry about the cost.  Some insurance providers offer cover for life so your pets illness or injury is covered for their lifetime and not just in a policy year.

    Don’t wait until you are faced with a big veterinary bill or have to make the decision to get your pet put to sleep because you can’t afford to get them veterinary treatment.

    Other Benefits of Pet Insurance:

    There can be other benefits to having a Pet Insurance Policy as well as Veterinary Fee cover for accidents and illnesses depending on which insurance provider you use:

    • Boarding kennel or cattery fees – The cost of boarding your pet at a kennel or cattery if you are in hospital through illness or accident and you are unable to care for your pet.
    • Holiday Cancellation – Any travel and accommodation expenses you cannot recover if you have to cancel your holiday because your pet is injured or shows the first clinical signs of an illness before you leave and requires immediate life-saving surgery or if your pet is in the republic of Ireland during your holiday, any travel and accommodation expenses you cannot recover if you have to cut short your holiday because your pet goes missing or is injured or shows the first clinical signs of an illness while you are away and requires immediate lifesaving surgery. 
    • Advertising and Rewards – The cost of advertising if your pet is stolen or goes missing and the reward you have offered (amount has to be agreed with your insurance company) for the recovery of your pet if it is stolen or goes missing.
    • Third party liability and legal costs – If property is damaged, or someone is killed, injured or falls ill as a result of an incident involving your pet.
    • Death from illness or accident – The price you paid for your pet if it dies or has to be put to sleep by a vet as a result of an illness or accident.
    • Theft or Straying – The price you paid for your pet if it is stolen or goes missing and is not recovered or does not return.

    What to look out for when looking at different pet insurance providers policies:

    • Is your policy “Cover for Life”?  This is very important in case your pet has an illness or injury that may need to be treated for several years or their lifetime. Some policies only cover treatment for the year of the policy and may exclude this treatment when you renew the next year leaving you to pay the full price of the treatment.
    • Does your policy cover emergency after hours care?  Unfortunately after hours emergency care can be very expensive and it is best to have after hours care as part of your standard policy.
    • Is the policy accident only?  Did you know the majority of pet insurance claims are for illness treatments and not treatments caused by accidents so you are taking a higher risk by not getting illness cover.

     The Dublin SPCA is proud to work with Allianz Pet Insurance.

    Call Allianz Pet Insurance at callsave 1890 48 48 48 or get discounts by applying Online.  Please state you heard about Allianz Pet Insurance from the Dublin SPCA. 

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