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    This year, DSPCA is partnering with Village Vets to bring a new dynamic relationship between animal welfare charities and veterinary clinics. Both the DSPCA and Village Vets are very excited about the benefits that this will bring to the animal welfare sector overall. Coming together, both organisations will have a greater opportunity to make a more meaningful contribution.


    Clients of the DSPCA Veterinary Hospital will now have access to the entire Village Vets network of practices, while allowing foster animals from DSPCA to be treated closer to their home. The new service includes seven-day opening, specially trained vets in internal medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, feline medicine, diagnostic imaging and the treatment of exotic pets.

  • How we are making a difference

    1,000 NEUTERS



    Village Vets will neuter one thousand

    pets per year for DSPCA




    Village Vets to provide annual support fee to DSPCA​




    DSPCA to be the educator of choice for

    Village Vets clients​



    Increased awareness across Village Vets clinics with TV screens highlighting DSPCA dogs in need of re-homing


    15% discount on Village Vets Pet Health Plans for DSPCA supporters*



    Joint events to promote education, animal

    welfare and re-homing


  • Proud supporter of Street Team

  • Pet Health Plans save you money.

    Get free Vet visits and vaccines along with other savings from as little as €15 per month.

    Free Vet Visits & Vaccines

    Never pay for a visit or vaccine again.

    When your pet has a Village Vets Pet Health Plan, you never have to worry about paying to see our Vets or Nurses again.

    20% Off Food

    Feed your pet the best for less.

    All Royal Canin diets are 20% less when you are on our Pat Health Plan. This allows you to feed your pets a high quality diet without having to worry about the cost.

    Free Annual Blood Test

    They can't talk to us so let the blood test do the talking.

    Every year we do a general blood screen to check the function of internal organs. This allows us check the health of your furry friend and ensure everything is as it seems.

    Free Parasite Prevention

    Never have to worry about creepy crawlies ever again!

    With our additional parasite pack, your pets gets year long protection against fleas, ticks and worms. Protect your pet, protect your home.

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