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Protect Your Pets From The Summer Sun

The summer sun is finally here and so are the long days at the beach and picnics in the park enjoying the rare Irish heat. Unfortunately, while we are a nation of sun worshipers, our furry friends and family pets struggle in the summer heat and sunshine, regularly resulting in illness. To prevent this from occurring, we at Village Vets, a family owned and run practice have compiled expert tips to help owners keep their pets safe and cool this summer.

  • Add sun cream: Sun cream isn’t just for humans. Despite popular belief, animals can suffer from sun burn too. Cats are particularly susceptible, as they love to lounge in the midday sun. To prevent your pet being diagnosed with a dangerous skin related condition, apply sun cream to the tip of its ears the moment sunshine appears.
  • Think before you shave: It’s not always a good idea to shave your dog in the summer heat. In fact, the fur provides some protection from the sun as well as flies and mosquitoes.
  • Protect their paws: Hot pavement can burn your dog’s paws and overheat its body. There are a number of unique items that can protect your pooch including dog shoes, socks or even suspenders. For an at home solution, simply apply moisturiser to your dog’s paws to prevent them from burning.
  • Not all dogs can swim: Taking your canine companion to the beach for a swim sounds idyllic, however, Village Vets want to highlight that not all dogs were born to swim. Keep this in mind when choosing your next swimming location and make sure your dog can paddle in and out at their own leisure.
  • Never leave pets in hot cars: This goes without saying! The temperature inside a car parked in the hot summer sun can present a risk of death. Even if the temperature outside is bearable, inside the car can be suffocating, so never leave your pet in a close parked car, conservatory or greenhouse.
  • Choose their walks strategically: Be clever about when you take your dog for a walk. Opt out of the midday sun troll and instead take your pooch for a morning or evening walk, when the heat of the sun has died down.
  • Frozen treats: While freezing ice-pops for you and the kids, why not freeze some treats for your furry friends. It’s a nice way to reward then and cool them down throughout the day.

Learn more by listening to us on Today FM, 52.45 minutes in, talking about pets in the hot weather:


For those who have any concerns or issues with their pet’s health during the summer months, Village provides a 24/7 emergency vet service.

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